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Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for vision, all epithelial tissues like the skin and mucous membranes, bones, and immunity. 

The cells of the immune system are produced in the bone marrow, and most are active immediately below the body's surface membranes. 

In eye drop form, Vitamin A nourishes the epithelium of the cornea and conjunctiva that line the front of the eye. 

Vitamin A is needed by the goblet cells of the conjunctiva to produce mucin, the glycosylated protein that spreads the aqueous tear layer evenly over the surface of the eye. 

Mucin attracts and structures layers of living water around its protein to form a gel. 

The mucin gel also serves a barrier function to protect the corneal surface tissue, as well as supporting cellular communication. 

These functions depend on the special properties of living water as a Coherence Zone™.

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