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MSM stands for Methylsulfonylmethane which is organic sulfur.

MSM comes from plants, and it was discovered as a water soluble compound in the processing of tree fibers.

At first, the water with MSM in it was sprayed on dirt roads to get rid of it...

But then they noticed that the deer would come and lap it up when there was enough to form a puddle.

The next clue was when workers who put their hands in the water took a vacation, they would get some body aches and pains that went away when they returned to work.

Researchers found that the MSM was healing and now have 63 medical patents on its wide ranging benefits. 

Among MSM's benefits are improved comfort and immunity, anti-inflammatory effects including increased levels of Glutathione, faster recovery from stress, and reduced scarring.

Because scar tissue formation is needed in the early cicatrization phase of wound healing, avoid using MSM after trauma or surgery, including soon after a corneal abrasion.

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